Corpse Pose

शवासन - Śavāsana, Shavasana, Sarvasana, Mrtasana - Savasana - Corpse Pose
- Resting asana (Visranta Karaka Asana)
We are beyond excited to announce we will be offering a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Vinyasa teacher training next year! Lead by @hotcindyyoga & 🤸‍♂️If you love our vinyasa classes and have been looking to deepen your practice and follow your passion to teach this is for you. We will be hosting an interest session on January 20th with & @hotcindyyoga if you want to learn more. Whether you live in Athens or a bit further this training is completed over 7 weekends & one week night over 3 months. You will learn asana queuing and sequencing, history and philosophy, pranayama & meditation, anatomy and physiology with the amazing @rebecca_emmalee_yoga & so much more. We can’t wait!! 🙌💦🤸‍♂️⛽️#feedyoursoul #fuelyourlife #teachertraining #followyourpassion
When the holidays get a bit too much... #savasana #yogawarriorwear . . . 📷@michaelmiraclesyoga @victoriamillerphotography
🧘‍♀️Yoga with a view? I will be teaching a class on Wed morning while enjoying this beautiful weather! DM me if you are interested in coming and I can give you the deets. 🌞🌴
Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life ~ BKS Iyengar 💖 . . Day 6 & 7 of #heartfeltholidays and the final pose are #gomukhasana & #savasana ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ . Thank you so much to the talented and beautiful hosts for this fun challenge 😍🙏 @shesmilesyogi @theyogilina @ninas_yoga Thank you generous sponsors @pitayayoga @sigednyoga @thaiharempants @lantingavita . . #yogachallenge #yogagirl #yogainspiration #yoga #yogalife #yogafit #yogainsocks #flexibilitytraining #cowfacepose #yogaeverydamnday #yogisofinstagram #yogi #namaste #breathe #yogaismytherapy
🌿 Where do you find your breath?⠀ -⠀ “The mountains ⛰ I don’t know what it is about them. I think when I’m walking amidst those giants it makes me realize how big this thing is I’m apart of. It gives me perspective. All my worries and stress, those nagging voices hush as we all stand in awe of this magnificent beauty.” Words by @eileahohning #BREATHEjane⠀ -⠀ Get to know more about Eileah and her journey. Hop over to her profile and say hi! @eileahohning ⠀
Must be his favorite part of my yoga practice 😌🐶 . . #yogawithpets #yoga #morning #goodmorning #morningyoga #hitthemat #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #puppyyoga #savasana #takingcareofme #noexcusemonday #thetimeisnow #stopwaiting
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What if it wasn’t about doing More? • • But about showing up fully with what is already there? • • What if #hustle is all a big bullshit myth that we tell ourselves to fill the empty spaces? • What if Empty is really where it’s at? • What if the Answers really spoke most loudly through Silence? • • What if multi-tasking was just bogus and the idea was more to Do One Thing Well? With heart. Feeling. And keen-eyed, single-minded Devotion? • • What if, in this moment, we had Everything we Need? • • Would it change something? • The internal dialogue? • The way we showed up inside this moment or the next? • Would it shift our breathing, our brainwaves, our patterns? • • Our Life? • • What would it look like to greet the Empty Space? • To take in the full nectar of Winter as Silence, space, prayers & rest? • • What would happen if we just allowed ourselves to be with what is? • • What kind of Transformation is embedded in the simple offering of “Yes.” Pause. “Thanks.” • I️ want to know • • • #practiceandalliscoming #allow #winter #thegreatslowdown #hush #savasana #rest #pause #indreams #be #sankalpa #sadhana #bewithwhatis #thisiswhatayogilookslike #yes #thanks #still • • 📷 by @julianadeanphotography 🙏🏼💙 • •
Afternoon Reflection + Tips on how to clear your BOHINDI BEADS of any unwanted negative energy✌️ - It is important from time to time that you cleanse your BOHINDI BEADS. As we know everything that is a part of the living earth emits and transmits vibrational frequencies. Your BOHINDI BEADS therefore not only interact with you, but you (and the environment) interact with your BOHINDI BEADS; it picks up on your energy and that of the environment which will alter your BOHINDI BEADS unique bioelectromagnetic field. They can pick up in negative energies which is can then pass on to you. Cleansing it will tune them up and enable them to interact with you on higher frequencies again. - You can cleanse your mala beads by * Placing your BOHINDI BEADS in your BOHINDI bag we provide with a carnelian crystal * Placing your BOHINDI BEADS on top of a quartz cluster overnight * Smudging your MALA BEADS with sage as seen here.